Types of Charitable Funds

The Community Foundation offers many funds to best meet your charitable objectives, and we'll help you find the fund that best matches your personal approach to giving and your charitable intent.


Unrestricted funds are not specifically designated for use by a particular agency, cause or area of interest.  Unrestricted funds give the Community Foundation the ability to respond to pressing and often changing charitable needs in the community and to ensure resources are available to support the community's most pressing needs now and in the future.  The Board of the Community Foundation oversees the use of these funds and determines how grants will be distributed.

Learn more about NGCF's For Good. For Ever. Endowment Campaign and how giving to it enables you to give, forever, through the Foundation.

Donor Advised

Advised Funds allow you to make a gift to the Community Foundation and remain actively involved in recommending uses for the gift.  You can work with the Foundation's program staff to suggest ongoing uses for the fund.  Advised Funds are excellent vehicles for donors to set aside charitable dollars now and distribute them gradually over time.  Donors often regard Advised Funds as charitable investment accounts, using a portion of the fund's income to support their favorite charities annually or as needs arise.  Our donor advised handbook describes in detail the guidelines for Donor Advised Funds. 

Designated Funds

Donor Designated Funds allow you to provide permanent ongoing support to a specific agency or cause.  When establishing a designated fund, specify one or more organizations to receive a regular distribution from the fund in perpetuity.  Such funds can be established by an outright gift during the donor's lifetime or through a planned gift.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds enable you to provide financial assistance for students at qualified educational institutions.  The Community Foundation will work with each donor to establish selection criteria, scholarship guidelines, an application process, procedures for awarding the scholarship(s), and a selection committee.  Some donors choose to stay involved through advisory relationships while others name advisory committees to assist in the selection of recipients.  The Community Foundation staff will handle the necessary paperwork to ensure the scholarships are distributed in an equitable manner.

Agency Endowment Funds

Agency Endowment Funds are established by nonprofit organizations as a means of providing a perpetual income stream for their own operations and programs.  Placing endowment funds at the Community Foundation ensures the long-term stewardship and objective fiscal management of a nonprofit's funds.  It also frees nonprofit staff from the burdens of endowment management and reporting so they can focus on fulfilling their mission.  When you place your agency's fund with the Community Foundation it becomes a part of our pool of funds, which is professionally managed using a diversified strategy.  We can also assist with planned gifts involving complex assets, gift annuities and trust agreements.

Field of Interest Funds

By establishing a Field of Interest Fund you can target your gift to address needs in an area important to you, such as the environment, arts, education, or specific geographic areas in northeast Georgia. Fund holders may participate in the grantmaking process or utilize the Community Foundation’s expertise to identify worthy projects and organizations.



Impacting Communites in North Georgia & Beyond

The Community Foundation serves our 15 county North Georgia region and beyond, encouraging philanthrophy, supporting nonprofits and giving donors a way to improve the quality of life in our region for this and future generations.

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