Nonprofit Network Participant Form

Nonprofit Network Participant Form

The Nonprofit Network is a program of the North Georgia Community Foundation that serves as a regional network for nonprofits, board members, staff, and volunteers and as an information and education center. The Program’s mission is to develop the leadership, management, and governance capacity of nonprofit organizations in the north Georgia region. Its goal is to foster nonprofit organizational development that yields improved organizational performance.

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Mission Statement:
Number of Full-Time staff:
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What is your primary reason
for becoming a participant
in the Nonprofit Network?
How did you hear about
the Nonprofit Network?

For more information call us at 770.535.7880 ext. 226 (toll-free at 1.866.535.7880)


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The Community Foundation serves our 15 county North Georgia region and beyond, encouraging philanthrophy, supporting nonprofits and giving donors a way to improve the quality of life in our region for this and future generations.

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