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Fund Holders Give Back to First Responders by Establishing Scholarship Funds

Fund Holders Give Back to First Responders by Establishing Scholarship Funds

And Applications are OPEN NOW 

At the North Georgia Community Foundation, we are honored to help people support the passions and purposes they hold dear. Recognition of the sacrifices of our first responders and their families is important to many of us.

Our firefighters, police, and EMT’s are indispensable to the safety of our communities. When crisis comes, they lead the way as they rush to provide rescue and assistance.   We are thankful that the region where we live supports and respects these men and women who put their life on the line every day for us, our families and our friends.

The North Georgia Community Foundation is proud to offer five scholarship funds that are specifically for first responders, their children, or their grandchildren who are pursuing a post-secondary education. All of these scholarships were established at a level that makes them permanent – they will be offered forever, and will continue to grow through NGCF’s stewardship and investment strategy.

Four of the funds are new, awarding their first scholarships in 2020. These scholarships were created by an anonymous fund holder in memory of four North Georgia public servants. This fund holder stated that “first responders have a servant’s heart, spend long hours away from their families, and put their life on their line for our protection. They deserve any and all support that we are able to give them.”

The fifth scholarship fund is one that was established by the law firm Coleman, Chambers, & Rogers. The funding for this scholarship came from the fees earned in a case where the firm represented a family who lost their son in an automobile accident. They hope this award will bring awareness to the difference that law enforcement and first responders make every day.

These five scholarships are just a few of over 60 scholarship funds  NGCF  administer that benefit students across North Georgia. Each scholarship cycle is open January 15 – March 15  and the scholarship application process is open NOW. Go to for additional details on applying and please share this with other people.

If you have a passion or purpose you care about and want to support through your charitable giving, then contact our team at the North Georgia Community Foundation. If your passion is education or first responders, all of the scholarships mentioned are open for public contribution or you can create a legacy of your own. Let’s find a way that we can help you support and respond to the needs of the people in our community and you can be the difference maker in their lives.

Stay Informed.