Open a Fund

Nonprofits establish funds at NGCF to grow their assets in order to meet present and future needs. NGCF manages the investment and administrative details so that the organization can concentrate on their mission. There are two main types of funds we offer to nonprofits:


Agency Funds

Agency Funds provide nonprofit organizations with a way to set aside funds for special programming, security against unforeseen hurdles, or as an investment strategy.


Designated Agency Funds

A Designated Fund for a nonprofit organization provides a way for donors to give directly to the organization through a gift to NGCF.

Why Partner with the Community Foundation?

We currently partner with more than 100 nonprofit organizations for the management of their endowment funds. Creating a fund can be the first step in sustaining your organization’s current and future work, and there are many reasons to partner with us for the management of your fund.

Professional and Diversified Investment Management

Our investment pools provide greater diversification of assets and lower administrative costs than if your fund were invested individually. Because of economies of scale, you increase your income while protecting the long-term value of your fund. And our trusted and experienced investment committee provides regular oversight or our performance.

More Giving Options for Your Donors

Donors are easily able to give to your organization in a variety of ways including non-cash assets, which is especially important for year-end giving or other events when assets are being sold and time is of the essence.

Fund Management Services

Our experienced staff provide all the administrative support associated with the fund so you can focus on your work of making our community better.

Opening a Fund is Easy

  1. Your board decides to establish an agency fund
  2. Complete a fund agreement and board resolution to set up the fund in the name of your nonprofit
  3. Become a Foundation partner so you can focus on your mission and let us handle the rest
  4. Enjoy lasting support with a steady stream of income to meet your future needs

Have a Question?

If you have questions or are ready to get started with a fund, contact Michelle Prater at or 770-535-7880.

Stay Informed.