Financial Information & Policies

The North Georgia Community Foundation has a reputation of being a wise and trusted steward of our donors’ charitable dollars. With assets of more than $100 million, we manage more than 300 charitable funds established by individuals, families, companies and nonprofits. We believe it is our fiduciary responsibility to protect and preserve the assets our donors entrust to us so sufficient charitable dollars are available today and for future generations.

Investment Objectives

To create a growing stream of income which will support the charitable purposes of the North Georgia Community Foundation, Inc., its donors and its agency endowments

To preserve the purchasing power of the Foundation’s assets

These objectives dictate that the Foundation conserves and prudently manages those assets.  The perpetual nature of the Foundation requires a growing asset base and a growing annual return.

Asset Allocations

The Foundation’s investment philosophy is intended to protect the value of charitable funds while they are being held for future distribution. Therefore, our investment portfolio is made up of diversified mutual funds managed by American Funds/Capital Group with most assets invested 65% in equities and 35% in fixed income.

No securities may be purchased on margin and no short selling is permitted.  The Foundation does not invest in Alternatives, Futures or Options.

Investment Oversight

An investment committee, comprised of board members and volunteers knowledgeable about the investment field, oversees the investment activities of the Foundation. The committee regularly reviews and closely monitors our investment performance and the advisors and managers responsible for investing the Foundation’s assets. As stewards of our assets, these advisors follow a set of guidelines provided by the Foundation that are recertified annually and are held to the highest standards of ethical behavior and performance.

Investment Performance

The Investment Committee meets quarterly to review the performance of the Foundation’s investment assets and reports on the performance.

Financial Documents

IRS Form 990 is on file at our office and available for public inspection, and IRS Form 990-T will be made publicly available for inspection for any years in which it is filed. If you would like additional information not listed here, please contact the Foundation at (770) 535-7880.

Audited Financial Statements (PDFs)

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2021 Audit
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2015 Audit

IRS Form 990 (PDFs)

2022 Form 990 Return
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Policies (PDFs)

Investment Policy
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Nondiscrimination Policy

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If you have any financial or investment-related questions, email or call 770-535-7880.

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