Scholarship Reviewers

Scholarship reviewers are an instrumental part of the scholarship cycle. We greatly appreciate all the time and effort that go into the reviews.

Information for Scholarship Reviewers:

Each reviewer will be assigned applications to review along with specific criteria and background information pertaining to the scholarships. Scholarship reviews take place within the NGCF Scholarship Portal:

Reviewer Resources:

To help explain how to navigate the scholarship portal and reviews, we have uploaded our live training from February 23, 2024. In addition, we have provided a document with supplemental information and explanations to commonly asked scholarship questions.

Estimated Timeline:

Please note: Prior to reviewing scholarships, each committee member must complete their Conflict of Interest (COI) Form found on the scholarship portal. This way, our scholarship team will know of any conflicts a reviewer may have with a particular scholarship fund. No one on the committee can review scholarship applications until every COI is complete.

March 1: Scholarship applications close for students.

By March 15: All reviewer application assignments will be completed and ready to access in the scholarship portal.

April 15 at 5:00 p.m.: Scholarship reviews must be submitted in the scholarship portal.

Have a question about being a scholarship reviewer. Reach out us at or 770-535-7880.

Stay Informed.