Scholarship Reviewers

Scholarship reviewers are an instrumental part of the scholarship cycle, and we greatly appreciate all the time and efforts that go into the reviews.

Information for Scholarship Reviewers:

Scholarship reviews take place within the NGCF Scholarship Portal.

Reviewing and evaluating scholarships:

Each reviewer will be assigned applications to review that can be accessed in our online portal. Everyone will receive specific criteria pertaining to the scholarships they are assigned to review.

Scholarship applications close for students on March 1. At that time, NGCF will assign scholarships to all the reviewers in the system. These assignments will be completed by March 15.

Scholarship reviewers need to complete their reviews in the scholarship portal by April 15.

On February 24th we had a live webinar for scholarship reviewers! If you missed the recording, or want to watch it again, CLICK HERE to Access the Full Training Recording. You will need to enter the password: Review02.24 to view the recording.
[We start the training around 16 minutes]

Conflict of Interest Forms:

Before scholarship reviews take place, reviewers must first complete a Conflict of Interest Form. This step ensures that we assign our scholarship applications to reviewers who do not have conflicts.
For example, a reviewer who has a son/grandson graduating from Gainesville High School will not be assigned to review applications for scholarships for which Gainesville High School students are eligible.

A complete step-by-step video for completing the reviewer conflict of interest form can be accessed by clicking the video below. Or you can CLICK HERE FOR PDF INSTRUCTIONS outlining how to complete the conflict of interest form.

Please Note: Scholarship reviewer conflict of interest statements are due for all reviewers by March 1, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Have a question about being a scholarship reviewer. Reach out us at scholarships@ngcf.org or 770-535-7880.

Stay Informed.