Scholarship Reviewers

Scholarship reviewers are an instrumental part of the scholarship cycle, and we greatly appreciate all the time and effort that go into the reviews.

Information for Scholarship Reviewers:

Scholarship reviews take place within the NGCF Scholarship Portal.

Reviewing and evaluating scholarships:

Each reviewer will be assigned applications to review. These are accessed through our online scholarship portal. Reviewers will receive specific criteria and background pertaining to the scholarships they are assigned to review.

In order to help give directions on navigating the scholarship portal and answer other reviewer questions, we recorded our live Scholarship Reviewer Training on March 10th.

Prior to reviewing scholarships, each committee member needs to complete their Conflict of Interest (COI) Form. This way, our scholarship team will know of any conflicts a reviewer may have with a particular scholarship fund.

Scholarship applications close for students on March 1. At that time, NGCF will assign scholarships to all the reviewers in the system. These assignments will be completed by March 15.

Scholarship reviewers need to complete their reviews in the scholarship portal by April 14th, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Have a question about being a scholarship reviewer. Reach out us at or 770-535-7880.

Stay Informed.