NGCF Community Fund

North Georgia is always evolving and so are its needs. The NGCF Community Fund was established to serve our community, year after year, as a permanent resource to address the most pressing issues facing our region now and in the future. It provides an opportunity for all who love north Georgia to leave a mark on the region forever.

Giving Together

The NGCF Community Fund pools thousands of gifts made through the years to provide a permanent resource for North Georgia. As our community’s needs change, so must our grantmaking. The flexible dollars this fund provides enables NGCF to respond to emerging needs as they arise and invest significant funding in initiatives and opportunities that strengthen north Georgia.

This fund is the primary fund from which the NGCF distributes grants. It is stewarded by a volunteer committee comprised of active community members with grants approved by the Board of Directors.

Join Us to Position our Community for a Strong Future

If you love North Georgia, you can support our efforts to help it thrive by becoming a For Good. For Ever. partner. Here’s how:

1. Donate directly to the NGCF Community Fund

Your donation of any size ensures these funds are always available to meet future challenges and to spark positive change for generations to come.

2. Fund or co-fund a specific grant

You are welcome to review funding requests we receive during our grant cycle and know you are funding a project that has undergone rigorous review by our program committee and will make a difference today.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about the Community Fund, contact Michelle Prater at or 770-535-7880.

Stay Informed.