GIFT Scholarship Fund

Outside of the family, formal education in primary and secondary schools is the single most important factor in the development of those social and academic ethics and skills that are needed by children as they mature and go out into the world to make their individual contributions to society.


The Gainesville Invests in Future Teachers (GIFT) Scholarship is a source of funds that provides an incentive to enroll in Georgia universities that offer teaching degrees with additional and an extra award to support those who graduate with teaching degrees in their initial year of employment.

Scholarship Categories

Music Education:
Donald E. & Reba (Ramsey) Rich

(Donors – Darrel Baumgardner and Glenda Martin Brassell)

Math & Science:
Allen Webster 

(Donor – Darrel Baumgardner)

Charles McDonald

(Donors – Darrel Baumgardner and Robert ‘Bob’ Mathews)

Charlotte White

(Donors – Joe & Colleen Hunnicutt)

Mark Carter

(Donors – Joe & Colleen Hunnicutt)

Gladys Caswell

(Donor – Darrel Baumgardner)

Willanelle Green

(Donors – Darrel Baumgardner and Glenda Martin Brassell)

Mary Pentecost

(Donor – Ann Patterson Luther)

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Collier

(Donor – Glenda Martin Brassell)

Social Studies:
Heyward Gnann

(Donor – Darrel Baumgardner)

Curtis Segars

(Donor – Darrel Baumgardner)

Foreign Language:
Kitty Murphy 

(Donor – Darrel Baumgardner)

Grace Speer

(Donor – Robert ‘Bob’ Mathews)

Special Education/Vocational Rehabilitation:
Kathryn Sweiger McGlaun

(Donors – Russell and Janis (Griffin) Courson)

Physical Education:
Jean Gruhn

(Donor – Ann Patterson Luther)

Bobby Gruhn

(Donor – Darrel Baumgardner)

Keth Ochs

(Donor – Darrel Baumgardner)

Public Speaking:
Virginia A. Cornelison

(Donor – Ann Patterson Luther)

All of our Teachers:

(Donors – David Powell & Betsy Jennings Powell)

School Administrators:
Otis M. Ellenburg Jr.

(Donor – Glenda Martin Brassell)

Motivation of Fund & Continuing Support

As students who were enrolled in the public school system in Gainesville, Georgia, in particular during our four years at Gainesville High School (GHS), we had the great privilege to be more than just instructed by exceptional teachers; we were mentored by them because of their dedication to the subjects they taught and to the students whom they guided. They led us with a combination of firmness, kindness and wisdom that we did not truly grasp until years later when we recognized their gentle hand in directing how we led out own lives and chose the professions that have brought us successes in all aspects of our lives.

We owe it to these former teachers to encourage today’s young people, those who are in their last year of high school, and who may be struggling to choose a future profession, to consider teaching as a way to make a positive impact on society while enriching their own lives.

GIFT is a source of funds that provides an incentive to enroll in Georgia universities that offer teaching degrees with additional and an extra award to support those who graduate with teaching degrees in their initial year of employment.

We invited you to learn more about the Board of Directors for the GIFT Scholarship Fund.

Applicant Requirements

All applicants will be required to fill out the common scholarship application with their personal information, including that which will be needed to determine financial need, along with their high school academic record. Once this common scholarship applications is complete the student will be matched to scholarships they are eligible for. Then, for the GIFT scholarship fund application, they will be required to write a one page essay that describes who they are and why they wish to be a teacher.

Those candidates who are selected from the pool of applicants for final screening, to help the board of directors choose those who will receive the awards, will be asked to speak personally with the board of directors in an oral interview.

Academic record will not be a major factor, but it is mandatory that the applicant has been officially accepted for entrance to a Georgia, higher education institute that offers the undergraduate teaching degree. Teaching Certification Website

Recipient Requirements

Once they have received an award, recipients will be required to provide a brief, written report to the board, at the end of each academic year of the college or university, which summarizes the year’s activities.

The scholarship funds will be awarded to the recipients at the beginning of the academic year, contingent on the recipients maintaining passing grades and continuing in the program towards the attainment of a teaching degree.

Recipients who drop out of school, fail to maintain passing grades or change their major from teaching to some other degree program will no longer be eligible for scholarship funds.

Recipients who pursue a major or majors in addition to that of the teaching degree will still qualify for the GIFT funding

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2019 Scholarship Recipient: Alan Remes

About Alan: As a young kid, my main goal was to attend college to make my parents proud of me. My parents came to this country to seek new opportunities for me and my three siblings. I want to take advantage of the all the opportunities I have to achieve this goal. It was hard choosing my major, because I want to do something that will impact others. Teaching has always been an interest in me, but I was always so ashamed of it. Teachers are the ones who make a bigger difference in a child’s life and that is one of the main reason I want to be a teacher. Attending college for me is just another step for me to meet my goal as teacher. My major is Early Childhood Education, because I love working with kids and I feel like this is where I can impact more people in my community. Thanks to the GIFT committee for helping me continue my education and expanding my horizons.

Alan will be attending the University of West Georgia, Congratulations Alan!

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