Targeted Philanthropy for the Safety & Protection of our Community

The establishment of the Hall County Fire Departments ‘Arson Dog Program’ and acquisition of their first fire arson dog is a testament to the power of targeted philanthropy and impact that people can make by partnering with the North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF).


The Friends of Hall County Fire Fund was created to assist firefighters in enhancing their resources and capabilities as they serve and protect our community. The funds can be used to purchase or partake in opportunities that become available which may not be financially feasible through regular budgets. With the help of the Fund, the Hall County Fire Department was able to acquire a new, four-legged team member Apollo. This highly trained arson dog was the critical piece needed to launch the Hall County Fire Department’s Arson Dog Program.


Apollo is more than a tool for fire investigations, he is a symbol of the department’s commitment to provide safety and protection, along with fire prevention education. Apollo’s advanced capabilities allow for quicker processing of fire scenes and more precise detection of accelerants, essential in the fight against arson. As an accelerant detector, certified by the Canine Accelerant Detection Association, Apollo is now an integral part of the investigative team.


Initiatives like the Arson Dog Program underscore how NGCF can create opportunities for people to support causes that resonate with them, while addressing community needs. Individuals and organizations can establish a Fund that aligns with their values and contributes to the greater good of North Georgia. As Michelle Prater, NGCF President & CEO stated: “We believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact. Our role is to be a connector between people who care and the areas they want to make a difference. The success of the establishment of the Hall County Fire Department’s Arson Dog Program is an affirmation and encouragement to what we can achieve by working together.”


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