Being a Good Neighbor

Hardie-Hughes Family Fund

Family giving through a  donor advised fund at NGCF


NGCF fundholder, Linda Hughes Hardie, shares about how her passion for philanthropy and her relationship with the North Georgia Community Foundation.


In this video, Linda personally tells her story; and you can also read it below.

Linda Hughes Hardie grew up learning to give back to her community.

“We were charitable; we were good neighbors,” she said. “I guess it kind of rubbed off on me.” It must have, and so much so that she and her late husband started a private foundation.

Identifying community needs, overseeing fund investments, and managing the numerous aspects of fully running a foundation can take a lot of time, research, and resources.

So, after years of the family managing all those things, Hardie and her family converted their private foundation into a donor advised fund, the Hardie-Hughes Family Fund, at the North Georgia Community Foundation.

Having the services of a full-time professional staff streamlines the process for Hardie. “Working with the North Georgia Community Foundation has been so helpful,” she said. “We can still decide where we want our support to go, while the staff confirms the nonprofits status and helps send the grants. They are also a great resource to find new initiatives and projects for us to potentially contribute to. As much as North Georgia has grown, there are still pockets of need, and NGCF really tries to make sure those are looked at.”

Through their donor advised fund, the Hardie family plans to continue their support of community initiatives and organizations they are passionate about. Hardie encourages others to think about their own giving efforts as well. “Some folks may think that a Community Foundation is for people who have tons of money, but it’s open to anybody. Small donors, big donors, anyone who is interested in improving the lives of people in our community. We are blessed to have the leadership of the North Georgia Community Foundation to help make that possible,” she said.

How to Create a Donor Advised Fund:

Make a tax-deductible donation to establish the fund
Personalize fund to meet your charitable goals
Support your favorite charities, now and in the future

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