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Chattahoochee Oconee Forests Interpretive Fund: 2020 Grant Recipients

The Chattahoochee Oconee Forests Interpretive Fund, recently completed their 2020 grant cycle where they sought proposals addressing issues related to forest resources and management, as well as proposals focusing on the issues and geographical area associated with forests in the North Georgia region.

We are excited to announce the following nonprofit grant recipients!

Chattooga Conservancy
Award amount: $5,000  
This grant will support the Chattooga Virtual Learning Project, a new educational endeavor! As well as the Chattooga Stewardship Project, an ongoing effort to protect native ecosystems through invasive species removal and litter clean-ups.


Georgia ForestWatch
Award amount: $5,000
This grant will support the development of the Georgia Mountain Treasures (GMT) website. A dedicated  website for GMT will allow Georgia ForestWatch (GAFW) to leverage existing information on North Georgia’s most special places, and empower advocates to help preserve these wild areas.


Elachee Nature Science Center
Award amount: $2,500
This grant will support Elachee’s 2021 Snake Day Wildlife Festival. For the past 26 years this ‘Snake Day’ event has been specifically focused on native snakes and reptiles. Participants leave this event with an increased knowledge of snake and wildlife species native to Georgia forests, and how forest resources and conservation issues impact wildlife habitats and the forest ecosystem.

Congratulations to all of these grant recipients!

The Chattahoochee Oconee Forests Interpretive Fund is a fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF). This grant cycle was separate from the NGCF Community Grants. We appreciate the opportunity to help this great fund with their grant cycle this year.

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