Big or Small, every gift matters

Simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness have long been cornerstones of working with the community foundation to carry out charitable goals. Time and time again at the North Georgia Community Foundation, we see how easily donors who’ve established a donor-advised or other type of fund are able to not only fulfill their big-picture charitable goals, but to[…..]

IRS Update: Feb. 2024

A short note about IRS regulations and how they can impact you. The team at the North Georgia Community Foundation is closely tracking the IRS’s proposed regulations concerning donor-advised funds, issued in November 2023. Note that these regulations are just “proposed”; it is unclear whether and to what extent they will become final. The public[…..]

Clean slate: Tips for charitable giving in 2024

A new year is such a great time to plan and reboot. Cliche as it may be to talk about resolutions this time of year, it’s tough to deny that January represents a clean slate for “to do” lists, goals, and your overall mindset. As you think about your 2024 charitable giving goals and priorities,[…..]

Including Loved Ones in Your Charitable Giving

Whatever their age or health status, most people are aware that they need to document important financial and personal information for loved ones, just in case the unexpected occurs. We’ve all heard stories about someone’s family member who passed away and left little, if any, information about where to find bank accounts, passwords, estate planning[…..]

Planned Giving Pointers

As you’ve chatted over the years with the professionals working at your favorite nonprofits, you’ve likely heard the term “planned giving.” You may have even wondered what the term means–even if you have already structured so-called “planned gifts” to support your favorite charities!  Here are a few pointers to help break down the concept of[…..]

NGCF 2024 Scholarship Cycle is Open – Mar. 1

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE North Georgia Community Foundation Opens 2024 Scholarship Application Cycle Scholarship deadline is March 1st GAINESVILLE, GA (January 16, 2024) – The North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF), has announced that the 2024 Scholarship Cycle is now officially open. Students have until March 1 at 5:00 p.m. to apply for available scholarship opportunities they[…..]

North Georgia Community Foundation Awards $429,922 to Nonprofits

North Georgia Community Foundation Awards $429,922 to Nonprofits 46 nonprofits received a grant for programs and services The North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) is proud to announce its 2023 Community Grant Cycle has awarded a sum of $429,922 in grant funding to 46 deserving nonprofits across the region. This annual, application-based grant cycle highlights the[…..]

NGCF 2023 Opportunity Grant Recipients Announced

NGCF 2023 Opportunity Grant Recipients Announced $107,000 Awarded to Support Nonprofit Programs Across North Georgia Gainesville, GA – The North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) recently announced their 2023 Opportunity Grant recipients who received a total of $107,000. This grant program is designed to identify and support nonprofits with the initiation of new services, or the[…..]

Year-End Charitable Giving Tips

The North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) offers several ways to incorporate charitable giving into your year-end planning. We help you maximize your charitable impact as well as your tax benefits. The services offered by NGCF provide advantages to donors in many ways: Contribution Options Start or add to your Fundo NGCF offers different types of[…..]

Stay Informed.