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Community Grant Cycle Announcement

The North Georgia Community Foundation is changing our Community Grant Cycle for 2021. The Grant Cycle will not take place in the Spring as it has in past years. During this time, we will continue to award COVID-19 relief grants to nonprofits and programs who are still burdened by the impact of the pandemic.

Since April of 2020, the NGCF COVID-19 Relief Fund has awarded nearly $1.2 MILLION in relief grants to meet critical needs throughout our community. Information about our Relief Fund and the process to apply for grants can be found here:

We plan to have a Community Grant Cycle in the Fall of 2021. In order for you not to miss important information regarding the application cycle, please be sure you are signed up to receive our NGCF Nonprofit Network e-newsletter. You can also find information and updates on grant cycles, as well as nonprofit educational programs, by visiting our website and following our social media accounts. The information on these resources can be found below:

Again, we encourage organizations who have immediate needs resulting from/connected to the pandemic to apply for a grant from our NGCF COVID-19 Relief Fund. The Fund information and process to apply for these grants can be found here:

Stay tuned for more information on the Community Grant Cycle taking place this Fall!

Stay Informed.