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Celebrating Alongside our NGCF Fundholder: Daphne David

Earlier this week, some of our North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) team and a few hundred people in the community had the opportunity to come together and celebrate Daphne David as she was honored as the 2020 Gainesville Woman of Distinction by the Girls Scouts of Historic Georgia. We wanted to take a minute to congratulate Daphne and to say thank you to her, and her husband Murray, for their genuine heart for the community.

Throughout the luncheon it was repeatedly said that Daphne is a “woman of action” who “gets things done.” The David’s have been NGCF fundholders for over 20 years and in that time they most certainly have been initiators of new ideas and finding ways to meet needs in the community.They have actively engaged with nonprofits and organizations that have a special place in their hearts.

Two examples of finding ways to meet the needs in the community are their gifts to establish the Christian-David Healthy Pet Clinic and the Christian-David Family Pet Park. Each are unique in what they provide.The Pet Clinic provides service to the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia to help them serve at-need pets and pet owners in the community. The Pet Park, located on the Gainesville campus of Northeast Georgia Health System, created a place that patients can visit with their pets during times that can be stressful, allowing them to have a restorative visit that can contribute to their healing journey.
Both of these projects can be seen in our new NGCF Video!

From the stories that were shared by her friends and the laughter that rang through the room at the luncheon, it is evident that Daphne has a genuine heart for others. We are proud to celebrate Daphne and her passion for giving, and find it an honor to be able to work with her and Murray through their fund here at NGCF. Daphne exemplifies leadership and is a role model, not only for girl scouts and other women – but for everyone who has a heart for giving back to the community they call home.

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