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The Kid’s Table

The Kid’s Table

This holiday season as you gathered with friends and family, where did you sit? Were you at the ‘adult’s table’ or were you at the ‘kid’s table’? Don’t we all secretly wish we were at the kid’s table? Children evoke a certain nostalgia, especially around the holidays, that reminds us of our own youth while filling us with their positive energy.

North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) fund-holder, Stan Appleton, still has that youthful bounce in his step and a joke to share.  Not only does he choose the kid’s table, he also chooses to work with NGCF to facilitate his charitable giving.  A few years ago, together with his family’s Donor Advised Fund, Stan took advantage of his ‘matured’ age and opened a Designated Fund that he endowed through a charitable IRA rollover.  We won’t give away Stan’s age, but we will confirm it is slightly north of 70 ½.  Why is age important?  Because individuals over the age of 70 ½ can transfer up to $100,000 of their IRA (or other retirement accounts) to a qualified charity each year including a Fund at NGCF (excluding a Donor Advised Fund).  Taking advantage of this opportunity can count towards satisfying the required minimum distribution and the amount is excluded from taxable income.  Choose to open a Fund at NGCF and we’ll take care of stewarding your charitable dollars and fund administration, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying the laughs, fun and simply joys of life.

If you know Stan, you know his energy and passion for life are contagious.  Our hope is that more people will catch his spirit of giving and use NGCF as a resource for their charitable donations.  Talk to your financial advisor about how you can use your charitable retirement account roll-overs or other assets you have ear-marked for contributions and be a part of serving an extra helping of generosity this holiday season.  Don’t forget!  As you gather together for fellowship now and in the future, choose the kid’s table.  Let their love and spirit fill you as you do the same for them.  Be like Stan – take this opportunity to make a difference in your community now and forever.



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