Fund the Dream Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Alliance, GA believes in change and the potential of youth in our community. This scholarship literally funds their dreams.




In 2022, the Hispanic Alliance, GA established the ‘Fund the Dream Scholarship Fund’ at the North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) aimed at empowering first-generation and low-income minority students to reach academic success.


Each NGCF scholarship fund has their own story and meaning that led to their scholarship creation and the criteria around the type of recipient(s) they seek to award. For their scholarship, Hispanic Alliance considered statistics from educational studies and polls: graduating seniors from low-income families are seven times more likely to abandon their academic aspirations, with a staggering 74% of Latino students in higher education compelled to cut their journey short due to financial burdens. To help mitigate this identified gap in educational opportunities and financial burdens, the Fund the Dream Scholarship came to fruition. Creating the scholarship as a permanent endowment shows Hispanic Alliance’s standing commitment to students who have ever felt limited by circumstances outside their control and enables them to foster a legacy of learning for future generations.

The scholarship is funded from the vibrant and heartwarming festivities of the Hispanic Alliance’s annual Latino Fest, where community and culture come together.


Hispanic Alliance, GA, believes in change and in the potential of the youth of our community. NGCF is proud to administer their scholarship and work alongside them to ‘Build the Dream, One Graduate at a Time.’


For more information about Hispanic Alliance, GA and their Fund the Dream Scholarship: CLICK HERE


We invite you to reach out to NGCF for more information about establishing a scholarship fund or donating to an existing one. Whether it is through this path or another, we look forward to helping you give back to the community we all call home.

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