Impacting Our Community

Far Beyond Business Walls


Philip Wilheit is a community champion and leader who knows first-hand how to weave philanthropy strategically throughout his business endeavors. Corporate leaders can choose to stream positive impact into their community, a path Philip says he chose for Wilheit Packaging by having the business “act as a philanthropic arm.” However, giving charitably is not just a business practice for him; supporting the community is a priority for Philip and his entire family.


While a business does offer opportunities to give charitably, it is not the sole path people can choose to take, nor does the sale of the business mean that giving must stop. When looking to continue philanthropy outside the boardroom walls, Philip says that “the North Georgia Community Foundation was the obvious choice because they are a catalyst to make things happen.”


The special connection that initially put NGCF on Philip’s radar was that his wife, Mary Hart, served as one of the Foundation’s founding members. As fundholders, the Wilheits consider NGCF a trusted resource and partner with whom they can put their “hard-earned money” because it is “taken care of, invested well, and handled the way they want it to be handled.”


How to Create a Donor Advised Fund:

Make a tax-deductible donation to establish the fund
Personalize fund to meet your charitable goals
Support your favorite charities, now and in the future

Ready to Establish a Fund?

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